Increasing Sales with Auto-Selling and Multi-Channel Marketing

Comprehensive online business solution

Attract > Retain > Extend

Traffic People is a CRM & Sales Funnel All-In-One integrated tools to attract, nature, and convert leads to buyers, then loyal customers, and promoters. The great thing is that these are done automatically.

Whether you are selling at: Shop, Website, E-store, Landing Page, .. or doing multi-channel advertising, you can synchronizing your customer data to for management and follow-up. suitable for many different fields: Products, Services, Training, MLM, B2B, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Study Abroad, ..

Sales funnel - auto selling system

Increasing revenue, reducing cost with a multi-step (page) selling system:
About Order Upsell Downsell Payment Thankyou

Sales Funnel upsell downsell

4 steps to get more leads

Process to make money from list (Money in The List)

Lead Funnel & List = Money
Step 1


Identifying the Dream Customer of you want to serve. Then using paid and free traffic to attract

Channel: Google, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, Website,..

Step 2

Lead Magnet

Creating one or more attractive lead magnets, i.e free gifts, to collect the contact detail of potential customers

Magnet: ebook, video, course, webinar, free trial,..

Step 3

Opt-in Form

Creating opt-in forms: link sharing, embeding into landing pages and popup on your websites.

Thank You page can be a Sale page

Step 4


An email sequence or flow to nurture customers.

Selling products on a value ladder from low to high, via communication channels: email, sms, zalo, chatbot,..

synchronizing customer data from multiple sources

Customer details are automatically synced to for management

Synchronizing customer data from multi sources to CRM, and Follow-up via multi channels: email, sms, zalo, messenger, autocall,..

and nurturing via multiple channels

Stay connected with your customers through whatever channels they frequently use



Send promotional information, transaction notifications, care, ..



Send messages for discounts, coupons, happy birthdays, order confirmations



Send Zalo ZNS notifications to the phone number list, with a button



Send automatic messages to Messenger subscribers



Send notifications to subscribers: computers or phones



Making phone calls automatically to a phone number list, using audio file or text-to-speech

Landing Page Builder

Building professional landing page with high conversion rate, just DRAG & DROP

No technical knowledge required

Support your own domain name

100+ landing page templates

Landing Page Builder
Drag & Drop Email Editor

Drag & Drop Email Editor

Designing beautiful professional emails as easy as a puzzle, just by DRAG & DROP

No technical knowledge required

Save as email templates

20+ free email templates

Smart Form Builder

Collect customer data quickly & easily

Embedded anywhere: website, landing page

Saving data to CRM & Google Sheets

Sending email to register, referrer, user

Smart Form Builder
Smart Sequence Builder

Smart Sequence Builder

A serie of email & SMS messages to nurture leads

A serie of booking reminders to register and user

A serie of happy birthday messages to customer

Automatically follow-up, upsell, cross-sell,..

Trigger & Flow Builder

Find out any action: open email, message, webpage,..

Then do a serie of action: tagging, sending email, sms, zalo,..

Schedule campaigns in a year: 8/3, 2/9, 20/10, 20/11, Noel,..

Alert customers atendding an event, paying an order,..

Trigger & Flow Builder
Cart Abandoned

Cart Abandoned

After embedding the tracking code on your website, you can measure conversions (Goals) and shopping cart.

Customers who add products to the cart but forget to complete the registration will receive an email, webpush prompt.

Customer Temperature

Customer temperature scale: cold, cool, warm, hot

Automatically increase / decrease temperature score when a customer take action: opt-in form, open email, click a link, visit a webpage,..

Notifying Sale when a customer change their temperature

Customer Temperature
Affiliate & Viral

Affiliate & Viral

Growth hacking since old customers referring friends

Each customer has a referral link

Give gifts when referring n friends

Race TOP5, TOP10 referrers

Earn points when self purchasing

Bonus when referring a new Lead

Commission 1-10 levels per sale

Call center

VoIP Callcenter supports both incoming and outgoing calls with just one-click

Automatic answering switchboard

Automatically split Agent: PC, Phone

API, embed code placed on your website

Automatically call out to a phone list

Recording for quality monitoring

Call center

Synchronize Customer Data From Ads

Facebook Lead Ads, Tiktok Lead Ads, & Wordpress Contact Form

Synchrozing customers data from Facebook lead ads, Tiktok lead ads, and Wordpress contact form

It's Time to Own an Automated Online Business

Cost Equal to 1/10 of an Employee's Salary

You will own an automatic money-making machine (AUTO CASH MACHINE) that helps you sell and take care of customers day and night, even when you are sleeping or traveling. With Salekit, you own your own online business, with 1,000+ employees without paying salaries or renting premises; Create a Streamlined and Highly Profitable business model. Start using Salekit today.

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